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Heat resistant conveyor belt
The “HUJIA” brand heat resistant conveyor belt is specially designed for conveying the high-temperature materials, has excellent heat resistance, and can still keep excellent ageing resistance under the severe environment in the high temperature conveying process; prolong service life.

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steel cord conveyor belt Detail

Metallurgy, Cement Plant, Fertilizer, And High-temperature Environment.

Special rubberized fabric instead of common fabric.

1.There is very difference temperature between materials with surface of belt.
2.The above difference come form materials conveyed size,cooling(water,ventilation,ect)

Temperature area

Temperature Of Belt Surface ℃    T1(100)    T2(125)    T3(150)    T4(180)
Average Temperature Of Materials ℃    100    130-140    140-190    190-220
Peak Temperature Of Materials ℃    Incandescent Point    150    200    200-300
After long term heat exposure, wrong choosing of heat resistant rubber cover may crack which will cause big problem.
Please consult BOGU before making decision.