How to improve the adhesion of Nylon conveyor belt

Nylon conveyor belts are damaged and broken during the whole process of application. At this time, repair and adhesion should be carried out immediately, which ensures that the conveyor belt is not easily destroyed again. Therefore, the actual effect is not ideal in the whole process of bonding nylon conveyor belts. Why? Below the conveyor belt manufacturers take everyone to understand the factors that improve the bonding effect of nylon conveyor belt.
1. The evaporation rate of the organic solvent is usually faster, the evaporation is getting faster and faster, and the initial adhesion is higher, and the original adhesive compressive strength is higher.
2, temperature
Under normal conditions, the higher the temperature, the faster the dry solidification, the higher the dry solid level, the greater the bond compressive strength.
3. Environmental humidity
Under normal conditions, the greater the environmental humidity, the slower the drying, the worse the dry solid level, and the smaller the compressive compressive strength.
4. The cleaning page is cleaned and dried. The more the adhesive is infiltrated into the textile, the stronger the adhesion.
5. The working pressure released by the reinforced surface of the steel bar is more uniform and the bonding force is stronger.
6. The closer the horizontal laminating machine of the laminating machine between the steel lap joints is, the stronger the bonding force is.