Steps To Achieve Effective Hospitality In Hotel Industry



You're cherishing your anniversary at a fancy place, you order your best things, it's going to be a memorable night, but the waiter has a bad temperament, the order is delayed, and the food is not what you wanted, you can hear a loud fighting noise in the kitchen. You won't be going to that place again, and might never recommend to anyone.

Bad communication is ugly anywhere, and in the hospitality business specifically. So how can we prevent Hospitality communication troubles and get Business development strategy to become successful?

1. Hire well-trained people: If you can't hire well-trained people, take one who are enthusiastic workers and ready to learn, and provide them with training. Moreover, some people like to teach their own business team, rather than having an experienced person to manage all the things. A Well trained team of staff is primary in rendering professional service.


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2. Hospitality is majorly about service; keep reminding that to your staff. Hospitality staff usually in contact with people who are on holiday; they might have worked the whole length for this one holiday, they are expending money and wants only the best service you can give them. With the expectancy of friendly and professional service and you and your staff are there to provide that and for executing these things even better have words regarding business assessment services with hospitality companies.

3. Effective, two-way communication amidst all levels of the team in any hospitality business is a necessity to smooth and cost-effective running of your operation. Like, When service staff at your restaurant tells management that they are running short out of particular things on the menu, and nothing is happening about it, it's bad hospitality communication, and bad enough to damage reputation. Act timely and your staff will sense that you care about their work and together in their goal of rendering the best service they can.

4. Meet your guest's expectations. Good hospitality communication between staff and guests comes alive with good office work - employer, as management, should provide your staff with the types of equipment they need to provide the guests with the service they want. When stayer steps in their hotel room expecting free internet service, as told by the receptionist, and come to know they have to pay for it, it takes dissatisfaction towards reception staff, who are not necessarily in fault in this case. Somewhere along the line, someone gave fake information. A classic case of bad communication and resulting in bad feedback, that could easily have been dodged.

Be sure all the right information is communicated on between each level and departments. Marketing staff is aware, and advertise only what you know you are capable. Hyping unrealistic expectations results in untold disputes - not good for business leading towards failure in customer retention.

5. As the world is becoming ever more digitised, 'computerizing' your business has become an unavoidable priority. Good hospitality management software is a useful asset these days. With the wide range present, you can easily find one that suits your needs and budget bracket. From the basic hand-held PDA system for communicating between kitchen and waiters to an expensive management package that covers everything from inventory and hotel room reservations to an online booking facility for guests along with Revenue Management. The one-time investment will help all communication channels and proven its worth in the long run.

6. Communicating with international clients: You can't hope your staff to be good in all the foreign languages that they face at work, but they should be well informed and respectful towards different cultures. Ill-mannered towards cultural practices can hurt guests easily, and no sane person wants that.

Training your front desk staff and waiters in a few foreign language basic like greeting and usual sentences will do a world of good to your business, by making your foreign guests feel little familiar at your hotel or restaurant. It doesn't take so much, actually.

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