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Click on the bus to download a permission slip form for field trips

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July 1

Welcome to University of Buffalo STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) summer program electronic informational page! All of the information that you will need will be found on this page. The information will be organized by date. You will receive an email reminder to check your electronic information each time a paper copy is sent home to the remaining students. I would like to thank you for choosing this electronic option. Not only is it "green" and eliminates wastefulness, but it is also more cost effective and more efficient (students tend to lose papers from point A to point B).

July 6

Tomorrow we will be going on a field trip to visit Dr.Kate Olson (Professor and Director of Biotechnology for the Undergraduate Program) at the University of Buffalo Cancer Research Lab. Please click on the bus icon below to download and sign the permission form. We would love 100% attendence for this wonderful opportunity.

July 11

We will be going to Tift Nature Preserve tomorrow. Be sure your child brings in his or her permission slips. There was also a parent survey that was sent home, please fill these out and send them back with your child.

July 26

The students will be taking a field trip to the Niagara Power Plant. Please be sure to sign the permission slip. The bus will leave at 11:30am.

July 29

We would like for your child to go to the Buffalo Museum of Science to visit the "Machines in Motions" Exhibit. We are asking your child to help raise money to pay for the trip. Each student is asked to bring in bottles or cans for recycling money. We will use this money to help pay for their admission. The total cost is 4 dollars for each student. The students have the choice to just bring in the 4 dollars as well. Click on the icon to learn more about the exhibit

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August 1


You are cordially invited to have lunch andcelebrate with your children the conclusion of their summer STEM program AUGUST 1, 2011Noon – 2:30Allen Hall - UB South CampusMain Street, Buffalo, NY Come meet students and teachers, see projects and have a chance to meet with representatives of Buffalo Public Schools to discuss opportunities in the science areas for the upcoming High School selection process.