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 Yuck! The students were expriencing the "The Tar Jar" (Dark Corn Syrup) The Tar Jar was used to represent the tar build up in smokers' lungs.





   A sponge that "smoked" a cigarette. Ms. Czechowski did this at home and video taped it using a smoking aparatus.  He is comparing the clean sponge to the "smoked" sponge. He saw first hand how one cigarette can discolor our lungs!





slow flow                slow flow

"Slow Flow" was a station that showed a smaller arterial passage means blood flow will not be as efficient. Smoking has been found to contribute to arthrosclerosis, which is when blood vessels called arteries become clogged with a sticky substance called plaque.  

The class came up with questions from what they learned today to play "Clear Mind, Clean Lungs".  The students built a trachea , two bronchi (which leads to bronchioles), and alveoli. If the students got a question right, they were given a beautiful clear blue gem to put down the trachea. The blue gem was to symbolize clean oxygen. If the students got a question wrong, they were given a nasty yellow stained rock to put down their trachea. The nasty yellow stained rock was to symbolize nicotine. Who ever had the cleanest alveoli (the most blue gems) won.  Sorry Girls.......Boys are the Winners!


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     This hill looks like fun, however it is the Niagara Falls garbage dump.


Tifft Nature Preserve

 Before we left for Tifft, the students learned how to make a quadrat. Below, he is trying to figure out what species of tree is in the quadrat. The girls helped measure and construct the quadrat.


      As you enter Tifft, it is evident that you are no longer in the city!    



Ms. Brown explains what and where to look



 Above, a student sketches the tree she is observing. Below, are her observations

 an amazing picture of a painted turtle 


Red Winged Black Bird enjoying the preserve

                                                                    Good Bye Tifft!

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The Crime Scene!

Our student reads the suspects to figure out the motive

In order to figure out the crime, the students had to analyze footprints. You can tell the type of shoe and the size of the suspect, just by their shoes!

  how to analyze bite imprints using laughy taffy, candy peanuts, sweedish fish, and orange slices..mmmmmm.....good lesson!

The students analyzed the powder evidence and determined it was baking soda, just what Dan the Man used!

the crime scene notes


In the end the students gathered enough evidence to determine it was Dan the MAn!



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Our BRIGHT students created a circuits!


  A parallel circuit model house


  The teacher and the student are becoming the part of the current

This is a turbine that is turned by the force of the water to create a magent and harness electrical power.    

This crane has to be powerful enough to lift the inner-workings of the power plant    The Niagara River supplies the power plant with the water it needs. The water is shared with Canada.


   Our tour guide explains circuits and currents.

     Behind our tour guide is the reservoir, completely man made.


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