Grade 12 Consumer Math


September 15 - Quiz on Life Insurance and Mortgages

September 23 - Quiz on Mortgages and GDSR

October 3 - Additional Costs in purchasing a Home assignment is due

October4 - Personal Finance TEST

October 12 - Quiz on currency and customs and excise tax

October 20 - Quiz on Municipal Government

October 26 - Government Finance TEST

November 8 - Investment Quiz

November 17 - Investments TEST

November 24 - Measurement quiz

November 29, 30, December 1st - EXAM PROJECT written in class

December 15th - Career Life Project due

December 14th - Quiz on Percentiles and Standard Deviation

January 17th and 18th - EXAM PORTFOLIOS and Interviews due








Note:  If there are any discrepancies between the dates posted on this website and the dates discussed and posted in class, the dates in the classroom are always correct.