Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Test: 
    Books must have a minimum of 80 pages and be within your child's reading level.
Next AR Test:  Extra Credit - week of June 4th

  Accelerated Reader (AR) is an independent reading program which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment.  Students choose books that are appropriate for their reading level and match their interests. A letter went home stating your child's reading level and zone. The computer test the students took at school determined their reading level, which  will help them choose books at their independent reading level. Students will be re-tested periodically throughout the year.  
   Once a student has finished a book, he or she will take a quiz at school on the computer. Students earn points for quizzes successfully passed. This motivating program is designed to help students improve their reading comprehension. 
   Please help your child to find appropriate books.  Encourage them to read books that will capture their interest.  Once your child has finished a book, it's time for a quiz.

To determine the level of a book you may access the following site: