Mad Minute Multiplication

     Third grade is an intense year when it comes to the math curriculum. Students are expected to memorize their multiplication facts quickly before moving on to more challenging concepts. In order to practice math facts often, your child will be participating in the Mad Minute program. Each day, we will focus on one fact a day. After oral practice in the classroom, your child will take a one-minute timed quiz.  He/she will take the quiz home each day to complete unfinished facts and practice the daily fact. Students will take a test on the facts studied when we are finished with the table we have studied. (For instance, when we finish the 3's table, students will take a test on the 3's.) Students will be required to re-take any tests not passed.

      I appreciate your support with this program. When students make an effort to practice, it makes all the difference in the world. can practice problems aloud in the car, make up songs or rhymes about different problems, and even use math facts games online. Check out the links page to find great sites.  Every little bit counts! Thanks again!