These are a few of My Favorite Things

As a teacher I, of course, have several classroom and teaching resources that I enjoy and use quite often.  Here are a few in hopes that they might benefit others just as they have benefited me!!

K-1 Resource: For phonics lesson and sound recognition 

This video link highlights a lesson being taught by a Kindergarten teacher in the Brooklyn, New York are that is teaching her young students several Phonics skills and also using the "Stop and Go" method.

 P-2 Resource: Interactive games and calendar.  Great when used with overhead projector or SmartBoard.

Let's face it.  If you are a classroom teacher whose classroom used to be the broom closet or the auditorium stage storage room you may not have ample space for wall hangs such as calendars and what have you.  Here is a wonderful interactive website that allows you to do everything from daily calendar to classroom reading.


3-5 Reasource:  Tools to use when decoding a story or writing.  

This website is our Kentucky Department of Education website that has so many valuable teaching tools and resources.  One of my favorites, seeing as how I am involved the Title 1 program is the Literacy Without Limits resource.

This is a website with some great worksheets that can be used as homework, early finisher sheets, or class worksheets!! Enjoy!!