***This lesson is designed to start on a Wednesday so as to allow for a complete weekend for the students to complete the Performance Assessment***

DAY 1:

Students begin by starting the "K" and "W" of a KWL Chart of the Berlin Wall individually (5 minutes)

Students then form their pre-determined groups and compare/contrast their individual K/W and create a group one  (7 minutes)

Whole Class Discussion of the group charts / Direct Instruction  (18 minutes)

Read Butter Battle Book / Discuss relevance (18 minutes)

Assign homework: Students choose two (2) websites from Supplemental Resources and use Cornell criteria to review them (2 minutes)


DAY 2:

Students form groups and are given lyrics to one song and the words are discussed as a class (5 minutes)

Students are then given the sound recording analysis sheets and time to review them, then song is played for them and they complete the form as a group (12 minutes) 

Repeat sequence with other song (17 minutes)

Whole-class discussion of both songs (12 minutes)

Assign homework: 1 page story about the Berlin Wall from the perspective of a teenager in the 1980's (2minutes)

Exit tickets regarding one item they found particularly salient from the day's work (2 minutes)


DAY 3:

Students form groups and are given the three images and photo analysis worksheets to complete (15 minutes)

Whole-class discussion of images (10 minutes) 

Students watch Youtube videos (6 minutes):

Reagan's Brandenburg Gate speech 

CBC "Wall Falls" clip

Direct Instruction / Whole-class discussion of the effects of the fall of the Berlin Wall on our world (15 minutes)

Pass out paper detailing Performance Assessment / Explain / Q&A (4 minutes)


 DAY 4/5:

Students take quiz (15 minutes)

Rest of both class periods spent presenting Performance Assessments / discussion