Supplemental Resources

Berlin Wall Comes Down - Harry Benson (November 1989)

Freedom Without Walls - 20 Years Fall of the Wall   The German Embassy in Washington, D.C. has created this website to showcase videos, personal stories, and information about the Berlin Wall and the life of the German people living in a divided country.

Newseum's Berlin Wall Exhibit   Visit the Newseum's online exhibit about explores the news and how it differed between East and West Berlin, the story of the history and politics of the Wall, Stalin's doctoring of photographs, and the role of the German news media in the last century.

20 Years After the Wall   Der Spiegel provides online, English-language news stories and photographic essays about life after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Times: A Look at the Berlin Wall   The Times, a London newspaper, has an online archive of news stories about the Berlin Wall, from its creation in 1961 until its fall in 1989. This is an excellent resource that provides a rich and detailed context to these events.

Cold War International History Project   This website has a collection of important documents relating to the history of the Berlin Wall.

The Fall of the Wall – New Perspectives on 1989   Where were you when the Wall came down? How are the children of German reunification dealing with their past – a past that is divided into East and West? This website from the Goethe-Institut has compiled people’s experiences from both East and West - it looks back at German history and at the same time opens up new perspectives.

Chronicle of the Berlin Wall   German and English resource on the history of the Berlin Wall. Provides detailed essays on the events in 1989 leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Videos are also available.

The Berlin Wall by the City of Berlin   This collection of resources is for visitors to Berlin and Germany looking for museums or traces of the wall. It also provides facts, statistics, history, and a timeline for the Wall.

The Lost Border   Brian Rose, a professional photographer, took these photographs of Berlin and the Wall in 1985. The author provides journal entries reflecting on his travels along the Wall.

Retracing the Berlin Wall will assist you in your journey through the history of the Wall and help you to discover the last remaining pieces of this most visible embodiment of the Cold War. Pictures, history, and a time-line are also available.

Western Allies Berlin   From 1945 to 1994 more than 100.000 allied soldiers served in Berlin. This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of this important era and the role of the western allies in protecting West Berlin.

The Berlin Observer   The Berlin Observer was the newspaper for the Berlin Brigade, a brigade of Americans stationed in West Berlin. This website has preserved many of its stories and other documents relating to the American Brigade's tenure in West Berlin.

Berlin Wall: Past & Present   This site is intended to inform the viewer on the topic of the Berlin Wall. It includes information on the time leading up to the building, the actual building, the effects of the building, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Guardian   This British-based newspaper provides information and interactive media on the history of the Wall and personal reflections since its Fall.

Berlin Wall Online   A local of Berlin has created this website featuring: Pictures, Time-line, History, and Facts about the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Life   A local Berlin website that offers a brief history of the Wall. 

Berlin 1969 - On the Hinge of History   Personal reflections and documents from an American soldier serving in West Berlin in 1969. 

Links and Information Courtesy of Mississippi State University Libraries (2009). Berlin Wall.  Retrieved November 17, 2009, from


Fall of the Berlin Wall
by William F. Buckley Jr  -
published by John Wiley & Sons (2004)

"I now tell the story of the wall’s abandonment, and of the life that sprang from it not only for Berlin, but for the entire world, the symbol of the end of a seventy-year long menace..."  —William F. Buckley Jr.

Fall of the Berlin Wall [VHS] 
by Peter Claus Schmidt - realeased by Warner Home Video (October 24, 1990)
Relive the decade-ending event that thrilled the world in this exclusive home video report of the Berlin Wall's erection, stormy history and triumphant 1989/90 dismantling.

ABC News Classics The Fall of the Berlin Wall (DVD - 38 minutes) 
released by ABC News on May 24, 2007