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Dear Parents,   Smile         

       3rd Grade at Michigamme is a big step for kids.  Not only do they get "grades" on their report cards, but they also are considered "upper elementary".  This year I hope the best for your child and make it my goal to have each of them succeed.  Please do not hesitate to contact me through district e-mail, by phone, or set up a time to meet with me before or after school.  I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement, and responsibility of choice placed on the student.  I also promote integrity and respect in my classroom.  School pride is a must.  I would like each child to feel welcomed and at home in my classroom.  I am looking forward to a fantastic year with your child and I promise to do my best to educate them.

                                                                            Mrs. Tetreau

                                                                            3rd grade at Michigamme