Michigamme is a Great School! We are lucky to be a part of it!

3rd Grade is the BEST!


Expectations:   Wink

1. All students will come to school ready to learn and will try their best.

2. All students will take responsibility for their actions and follow the rules.

3. All students will have respect for the teacher and eachother,

    and the teacher will return that respect.

Rules:   Tongue out


(We will go over in class what these mean and give examples!)

Consequences:  Yell

1. A verbal warning will be given first to a student who makes a "bad" choice.

2. A student may lose recess, have a time-out, or be sent to office depending on behavior.

3. A letter may be sent home or a parent may be called depending on severity of behavior.

4. Good Choices=Rewards        Bad Choices=Consequences

5. As always, behavior will be reflected in "Citizenship" Grade on Report Card.

         We are a team and we will work together to have a GREAT year at Michigamme!  Looking forward to working with all of you!