Behavior Expectations

Class Rules

Our classroom rules are in the form of a poem. Each day we will recite the poem at the beginning of the day to remind ourselves how to behave properly in school. Our poem is below:




We raise our hands to speak
We work quietly at our seats
We use voices soft and sweet
We keep our place tidy and neat
We are helpful, friendly, and fair
We take turns and willingly share





At the beginning of the year we go through our classroom rules. We talk about what each rule looks like and sounds like. I model the behavior I expect from my students. The students role-play and practice the above behaviors. We go through a variety of situations so the students are clear what is expected of them in my classroom. We also read books pertaining to classroom behavior. The first several weeks of school focuses on establishing proper behaviors, as well as the classroom rules and procedures.


In first grade our classroom management focuses around positive reinforcement, engaging students in fun, interactive activities, and making connections between what we are learning and students' lives. We focus on keeping the class interested and excited. I do not believe in singling out a child for their behavior. Students who act in an inappropriate way during class will not receive attention. I will speak to them privately in the hall or after class. I have found this works very well with first grade students. I rarely have major issues with students. I look forward to having a safe, positive learning atmosphere this year!