Our Classroom Policies


In first grade the purpose of homework is to reinforce the activities that were completed in class and to instill responsibility, rather than to assess students' performance on the assignments. Homework should take no longer than 20 minutes and is not assigned on Fridays! Essentially, grades will not be taken on the assignments, but rather marked off as completed or not and applied toward their effort grade. However, students who complete their homework will receive positive reinforcement rewards. Students who do not complete the homework will not receive rewards.

·    Reading books - When reading books are sent home, have your child read any stories they can read with ease. It is appropriate for students to practice reading any stories prior to class work. This will serve as additional reinforcement.

·    Vocabulary lists - When vocabulary words are sent home I would suggest creating flash cards with those words. Try to practice them daily. Use them in a sentence and then ask the child for the meaning. Place the list on the refrigerator and quiz your child each day.

·    Spring Book Club - During the spring months (March, April, and May) we will be reading as many books as possible. Our class goal is a combined total of 100 books. Each time you and your child read a book please write the title of the book and the author's name on one of the slips of paper I send home with your child. If our class reaches its goal, we will have an ice cream social and parents will be invited! Your help means a lot to our class.

·    Handwriting - Specific letters will be introduced each week. Each week's letter will be listed in the Miss Stevenson's Summary of the Week newsletter. Please practice these letters at home with your child whenever possible and review past letters.

·    Math - Please reinforce the math skills that are also listed in the weekly newsletter. You can do this by going over completed assignments or by discussing how you use the concepts we are learning about during your daily lives. For example, if you are at the grocery store you may want to ask your child to count out the change or when you are home you can ask your child to read an analog clock in order to give you the time. We will be having a workshop in the fall on ways parents can incorporate what the children are learning into their home lives for additional reinforcement. Please look out for a letter sent home about this exciting event!

·    Science and Social Studies - There will be a few projects and related activities assigned to the students that will require parental help. We appreciate your assistance!

**NOTE** Please remember that students bring home their homework in their RED folder. Please check it each day after school to see what assignments they need to complete and also to receive any important information from the school.  


As stated previously, homework is not marked with a grade. Instead, it is checked off for being completed or not. Students’ completion of their assignments determines part of their effort grade in the classroom.

These grades below are what students will receive on their report cards.  An S+ is very good, an S is satisfactory, N is for needing improvement, and U is for unsatisfactory. Parents will receive midterm reports and repost cards in the mail. We ask for you to review the grades, sign at the designeated areas, and return them to the school with your child. Report card grades should never be a surprise because I try to keep parents informed of their child's progress on a consistent basis.



A major objective of the school is to prepare students for life and to teach them skills necessary to be productive in society. Therefore, good attendance and prompt arrival to school and/or class is expected and necessary. New York State law states that students are not allowed to have more than 13 unexcused absences during one school year. Excused absenses include:

  1. Personal illness 
  2. Death in the family
  3. Impassable roads or bad weather 
  4. Religious observance/obligations
  5. Quarantine
  6. Court required appearances 
  7. Medical appointments  
  8. Military obligations
  9. Family emergencies
  10. Reasons as may be approved by the superintendent or designee

Students are given as many days as they were absent to complete missed work. Please email or call me if your child will be out longer than a day so I can get their work together for you. You are welcome to stop at the office and pick it up. 

General School Policies

·    Students are expected to follow the school wide dress code.

·    Students should be prepared to go outside and therefore, dressed appropriately

·    Parents are encouraged to call the classroom before or after school, not during instructional time. Parents can e-mail the teacher at any time, with the understanding that the teacher will reply within a reasonable time.

·    Students must take the bus home unless a note is sent in to the office or the classroom teacher.

·    Students are encouraged to leave toys and personal items at home that are unrelated to school.

·    Student dismissal is 3:30. Early pickups are strongly discouraged.