all about me

My name is Steve Cochran, I was born in Dayton, Tennesse. After HighSchool I went to CarsonNewman College on A football scholarship. While at Carson Newman I was to busy doing other things other than going to class. After my third season I was kicked out due to poor grades. After college I worked several odd jobs until I met my future wife. when my wife and I decided to get married I figured I needed to get serious about my life,so I became a police officer. I worked as a police officer and K-9 officer for many years. Finally I decided to finish my degree, and become what I started at Carson Newman, a teacher. It would be a long haul, because now my wife and I have a child, and she had to go back to work while I quite my police job in order to find a more accomidating job that would allow me to go to school and still pay bills. I finally started school and had to work extremely hard to pull up my grades from failing to passing and beyond. In order to get into the teachers program I had to have a certain G.P.A. I did accomplish my goal of getting into the program, and now I am working on graduating.