Mr. Harris Class


This Site is specifically for the Mr. Harris, Spring 2009 US History class, at Random High.


Hello everyone, My name is Stephen Harris, I am going to be your US History teacher this semester, at the wonderful Random High School.  Here is a little about me:

  •  I have a History degree, with a minor in secondary education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  • I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • I have in the past worked in different fields where I have worked with adolescents, like Lifeguarding and working in the mall.  
  • I am the new coach of the wrestling team, GO ARMADILLAS.
  • I enjoy watching football, and am a avid college basketball fan.
  • And most importantly I am looking forward to another great semester with a new group of students.


I want everyone to know that I do not grade on a percentage scale but on a point scale. This means everything has a certain points value and will be evaluated according to the points possible. We will have 8 chapter test throughout the semester, one homework assignment due each week, two different assignmented projects, and class partisapation grades. THIS MAY CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE SEMESTER!!