Math Websites

Math Websites:


Study Jams: Fractions--has tutorials and step-by-step directions. Covers ALL fraction info:

Spy Guys: Mixed numbers and improper fractions:

Mr. Anker Tests: review of all math (scroll down and select topic):

Khan Academy: great tutorials and practice problems...scroll through or search for topic:

Equivalent Fractions:

Equivalent Fractions:



Inch Ruler: Reviews the fractions/mixed numbers on a ruler. UNDER PREFERENCES--CLICK TIMER "OFF" AND "EIGHTHS" AND "START NEW GAME":

Estimating: requires having Google Earth and these lessons need to downloaded from the website:



Pattern Games:

Fun Brain Game: Choose "hard" or "super brain":

Khan Academy Tutorial on Patterns:



Measuring Angles:

Estimating Angle Measures:

Spy Guys: measuring and drawing angles lesson/practice: