Course Syllabus

Shelia Thompson

Course Syllabus

8th Grade English Language Arts


Greetings Students and Parents,


Welcome to 8th grade English Language Arts.  Being an 8th grader is both exciting and challenging.  I look forward to working together and having a very successful school year.  Please know that my door is always open for questions and concerns.


Contact Information

(910) 693-1550 or (910) 684-3513


Class Description

Eighth grade English Language Arts utilizes The Common Core English Language Arts standards to provide a focus for instruction to ensure that students gain adequate exposure to a range of texts and tasks. Rigor is infused throughout the Common Core, which requires that students read increasingly complex text from a variety of genres. Students are expected to meet the 8th grade standards and to further develop skills and understandings mastered in preceding grades.

Common Core State Standards,

Standards will be addressed using Expeditionary Learning,


Classroom Materials

  • (2) Composition Notebooks
  • (1) pair of small scissors
  • (1) pack of pencils w/pencil eraser tops
  • (1) pencil sharpener (individual)
  • (1) small stapler (individual)
  • (2) large glue sticks
  • (1) pack of Colored Pencils 
  • (1) pack of multicolored hi-lighters

Classroom Rules

The following rules should be followed for the safety and success of everyone.

Be Prepared  (Students should come to class with all needed materials)

Be Polite (Students should be courteous and respectful at all times)

Be Prompt  (Students should be seated and prepared to begin instruction prior to tardy bell)

Students are also expected to follow all school rules as presented in the student handbook.


Homework and Classwork Policy

It is extremely important that students complete work on time;  I will accept late homework assignments (up to three days) with a penalty of 10 %. per day.  Homework assignments submitted later than three days will not be accepted.  It is important that students receive feedback as quickly as possible, and this is not possible if assignments are not submitted in a timely manner.


Students who are absent MUST ask for  missing work upon their return to school.   Students who are absent the day an assignment is due, but present the day the assignment was given must submit the assignment the day they return to school.  I am happy to assist students with missing work after school, but I am unable to assist with missing work during classroom instructional time.



Students will be assessed using a “total points” system.  In a total points system each assessment‐ whether homework, quiz, test or project‐ is given a point value. Students earn points on the assessment up to its total value. For example, a chapter test might have a value of 80 points and a student can earn from 0 to 80 points on the assessment. The actual value of any assessed activity varies from teacher to teacher as do the number of graded activities and assessments. In a total points system, a grade is determined by adding up all the points earned by the student, and then dividing that total by the number of points possible (for all the assessed activities).  This results in a percentage of points earned which is then reported as a letter grade.  


Grading Scale

90--100    A

80--89        B

70--79        C

60-69        D

0--59        F


Extra Credit

Periodically, extra credit will be offered.  All extra credit work must be submitted on time in order to receive credit.


Please sign that you have read and understand the expectations for Mrs. Thompson’s 8th grade English Language Arts class.


Shelia Thompson

(910) 693-1550


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