About Me

Environmental responsibility
Social responsibility

The concept of social responsibility is deeply rooted in Hanker and Hanker people. We strictly requested ourselves to abide by the occupation morality and fairly hiring every employee and we dedicate to the construction and development of schools and communities.
Activities like blood donating, love contributing and fund delivering to nature disasters affected areas are hold every year in by Hanker. 
Participation of Community Activities

As a company with traditional sense of social responsibility, we establish close link with the community that our company located in and nearby. We actively integrate into local community, engage in public welfare activities. Volunteers in our company have produced
important influence on the formation of enterprise culture.
Sustainable Development

We committed to do contributions on sustainable development through the practice of environmental protection, shouldering up environmental responsibility and promoting economy and social progress. We regard environmental responsibility as our product, the production
technology adopted and the research&development activities carried out are all considered green environmental protection as very important part.
Observe REACH

Hanker has been actively implementing relevant regulations that complying with the REACH related procedures since the control management of chemical products. We insist on following REACH standards in the entire production chain procedure from the raw material selection,
production, material consumptions to garbage collection.

We are self adhesive vinyl Manufacturers and stickers Manufacturers.