Pipes and applications in stainless steel

There are several products such as seamless pipes, welded pipes, 304 stainless steel pipe and flanges to choose from. Hence, it can be a difficult task to select which one suit your needs and it is also good value for money. Each Alloy steel pipehas its own properties which are offered uniquely in their respective sectors. Hence, it becomes inevitable to understand their characteristics and how they can be applied to various sectors.

Types of stainless steel pipes

Seamless pipes

A seamless tube is a tube without a joint or weld joint. A solid round steel billet is heated to high temperatures to make seamless steel pipes. These billets are pushed or pulled onto a shape. So that it is easy to shape it into a hollow tube. Which is then released through a combination of die and mandrel to reduce the outside diameter and expand the inside diameter according to the requirements.

Welded pipes

Due to its flexible nature, Stainless Steel Pipe can be used in practically any industry. However, they perform better than corrosion resistance compared to those under sustained pressure. These pipes are much more convenient due to the light nature of the welded pipes and the materials used inside. These characteristics make welded pipes the best value for money.

Industries that use stainless steel seamless pipes

Oil and gas – Technology is a key player in the oil and gas sector. Over the past two years, the need for corrosion-resistant pipes has increased enormously. For use at deeper levels, greater pressure is exerted on duplex and super duplex Stainless Steel Tube. In such difficult conditions, it is important to have sturdy pipes since the pipes can easily burst and become unusable for deeper depths.

Nuclear energy – It is not an easy task to obtain usable energy from atomic nuclei. The task of nuclear reactors is to heat the water and produce steam which is then used to centrifuge the turbines that supply us with energy. Due to the cooling requirements, most of these reactors are located near the sea coast. To cool these reactors, much of the water pumped into them comes from the sea and must be corrosion resistant to sea water. Stainless steel pipes can defend themselves against corrosion from sea water and therefore, they are considered important in the nuclear power industry.

LNG natural gas. It is a gas that is temporarily converted into a liquid form for easy transportation as its volume is significantly reduced for convenience and cheaper transportation. In some cases, the transportation of fuel by pipelines is not obtainable and certainly not worth the cost, for this reason it is instead transported via a liquid type in ocean refrigerating ships and tankers. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct Stainless Steel Round Bar that allow safe and inexpensive LNG transportation. These pipes make it possible to supply fossil fuel to the country or to the all around world that are difficult to reach.