7th Grade Mathematics

Mrs. Stitts-Johnson-Room 224


Course Description:

The focus of this course is to continue to build the foundation necessary for success in the Story of Ratios. The quality of work will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and become fluent in the application, as well as make connections between the theoretical processes and real-world applications. Students will concentrate on the following domains: integers and rational numbers, expressions, equations and inequalities, ratios and proportional relationships, percent and proportional relationships, geometry, and statistics and probability.


Respect is Always Present:

R-Respond in an appropriate manner to all

E-Excellence only!

S-Staying on task

P-Pay attention or pay the price—your grades

E-Encourage, never discourage others

C-Come prepared to learn (materials, on time, attitude)

T-Take responsibility for your actions


Grading Policy:

Mrs. Johnson operates on a point system.  You will earn points throughout the nine-week grading period.  To calculate your grade, add up all of your earned points and divide by the total possible points.  At the end of each grading period Mrs. Johnson will add up your total number of points earned and assign a letter grade following the SCS grading scale.


Grades will be comprised of quizzes, projects, homework, class work, bell work, class participation, and exams.


Make Up Work

Mrs. Johnson allows make up work if you have an excused absence. It is your responsibility to check the assignment folder for make-up work.  It is your responsibilities to obtain the assignment you miss, complete them, and return in a timely manner.





Late Work Policy


Work will not be accepted late in this class.  I expect students to be responsible for their learning by turning in assignments on time.  However, students will receive half credit on assignments at the teacher’s discretion. 


Materials Needed for Class:

1’’-3 ring binder (does not have to have a clear pocket on front)


colored pencils, markers or crayons (small pack)


loose leaf paper



**Students will have to replace supplies throughout the year as needed**