Our Classroom Website: Global and US History MR. McGarry 


In light of our current situation, I am creating a webpage to help supplement learning at home. I know this can a difficult time, but don't forget about our long term goals of education and continuing learning in the home setting as well. Here you will find resources for Global History and US History. Packets have been sent and if any support is needed you can use this website or contact me with my home email stmcg91@yahoo.com. I am researching other avenues for communication such as zoom which is a video cofernencing website, I would be happy to set up 1:1 learning if it is requested. This website will be evolving as we move forward. 

Stay strong during these tough times! 



Rememeber, " There is nothing to fear, but fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt  


Global 1 : 9th grade: 

Global 9 OUTLINE: 

Medival Europe: February - Early March

Byzantine Empire - Early March

Russian Empire - 3/9 - 3/13

Crusades and Islamic Empire - 3/16-3/20


Crash course in history video review of crusades: 


 https://userfiles-secure.educatorpages.com/userfiles/stmcg91/G9 4.3 Handout (PDF).pdf