School ends everyday at 2:15 pmĀ Related image

It is critical your child arrives home each day safely. If your child's transportation method changes at any time, no matter how many times throughout the school year, you must notify me in writing or call the school to let me know. Please do not tell your child to verbally tell me. This can easily go wrong and your child can miss their transportation home. If your child is to ride the bus home with another student, please let me know in writing. If your child misses the bus, your child will be sent to the front office. If you plan to have your child picked up by someone other than yourself, please call the front office to add that person to the list. Otherwise, the school will not release your child to that person. If you plan to place your child in Campus Kids, you must contact the person over that program.

Campus Kids

Campus Kids after school services will be available to elementary students.

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