ELA Assignments

Focus Skill:  Story Structure 


Assignment # 1:  Watch a BrainPop Jr video on Plot.  Listen for key words like character, setting, problem and solution.  Listen to the story Strega Nona  and respond using the graphic organizer  . 


Assignment # 2:  Log on to Read Works.  Under assignments, read the story Summer Surprise and complete the questions.  Submit the questions to me.  Remember complete sentences for the open ended questions and use sentence starters when citing evidence.  

Assignment # 3:  Choose a fiction book of your choice on EPIC.  Submit to me the following in your Class Dojo portfolio.  

- Title of book 









BrainPop Log in : 

Username: Strausberger

Password: indians2020

You can add text boxes and type into the document, print and handwrite, or use a separate piece of paper and send a photo to me.  If editing the worksheet directly, save it and send me the pdf.  


ReadWorks log in: 

Our class code: L5HPZE

Password: 1234