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A New Age earned $2.7 millionon Thanksgiving Day for atwo-day total of $4.6 million as the domestic boxoffice endures its worst holiday in modernhistory amid the COVID-19 crisis.Still, the film's performance is better than expectedso far. Also, Universal was heartened tosee that ticket sales were up 27 percent from Wednesdayto Thursday (movies usually dipnotably on Thanksgiving Day; last year Frozen 2 tookin $15 million on Thursday, a 37percent drop from Wednesday).Overseas, Mortal Kombat debuted Thursday in Chinato $3 million.From the Universal-owned DreamWorks Animation, MortalKombat is the first major studiofilm to brave opening on the big screen amid the ongoingpandemic since Tenet.Complicating matters for Mortal Kombat, in recentdays, hundreds of theaters that wereable to reopen this earlier fall have now been orderedto shut again because of a surge inCOVID-19 cases.Thanksgiving is normally one of the most lucrativecorridors of the year. Last year, Disneyand Pixar's Frozen 2 collected more than $100 overthe long four-day weekend (Thursdaythrough Sunday). It finished the weekend with a domestictotal of $288 after opening aweek earlier on Friday Nov. 22.

Universal is able to stay in the theatrical game because of landmark deal it has struck withAMC Theatres and Cinemark Theatres that shatters thetraditional theatrical window byallowing Universal titles to go to premium VOD early.Mortal Kombat will be available on PVOD in roughlythree weeks, in time for Christmas.The movie's voice cast sees the return of NicolasCage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds,Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman.Franchise newcomers include PeterDinklage, Leslie Mann and Kelly Marie Tran.Joel Crawford helmed the sequel in his feature directorialdebut from a screenplay by DanHageman, Kevin Hageman, Paul Fisher and Bob Logan.Kelly Marie Tran is killing the game, per usual. Thestar of unequivocal masterpiece StarWars: The Last Jedi can currently be heard reprisingher role of Rose Tico in LEGO StarWars Holiday Special on Disney+ and later this weekcan be heard in The Mortal Kombatmovie: A New Age, the surprisingly wonderful sequelto DreamWorks Animation’s 2013original. In the film she plays Dawn Betterman, amore advanced human who finds the joyin connecting with her inner caveman. (She’s a totalhoot.) And if that wasn’t enough, she’lljoin Disney royalty in next spring’s animated Rayaand the Last Dragon. Not too shabby.We were overjoyed to get to talk to Tran about whather recent immersion in animation hasbeen like, her favorite Star Wars fan interaction(spoiler: it’s not the kind of story you’llexpect), and how badly she wants to go to a seafoodbuffet with your Mortal Kombat moviecostar Nicolas Cage (when it is safe to do so, ofcourse).Collider: You've done a lot of animated stuff recently.KELLY MARIE TRAN: Random, right?As a performer, what the appeal of these projects?TRAN: It's almost like being a kid again, if thatmakes sense. It's also not tied to... This isgoing to sound so weird and actor-y. But because it'snot tied to your face and I don't haveto worry about what I'm doing, I can physically bejumping up and down while I'm voicing acharacter and it doesn't seem strange. I guess havingthe ability to just completely beunrestrained is very exciting to me.

But then do you watch some of the things and see those movements in the character? Wasthere anything like that on Mortal Kombat where youdid a facial expression and then itwound up in the movie?TRAN: Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. AndMortal Kombat, specifically, has been sucha joy to work on because Joel [Crawford], who directedit, we just had the best time justimprovising. Honestly, it got really weird, and Ithink that's good. In some of thosesessions...How did it get weird?TRAN: Yeah. In some of those sessions... Did you geta chance to watch it?Yes.TRAN: Okay, great. The whole thing with Dawn sortof going into this really intense, I don'twant to say bro-y because I don't think it's the rightword, but almost like intense wrestlervoice was just from improvising and us having fun.And the scenes where she's under theinfluence of a bee sting, ha-ha, those scenes arejust... It just was so much fun to find thischaracter doing these things and just to be completely,again, unrestrained and just not... Iguess, any time you can feel like you're in that modeof play without feeling judged is areally special thing, and I find that is particularlytrue with a lot of the animation stuff I'vebeen able to do. I just feel this freedom, which Ithink I'm chasing at the moment.You started obviously in sort of improv and sketchcomedy. Do you feel yourself tappinginto that same well for these things?TRAN: Oh, yeah. Totally. And I think that's anotherthing that has made it such a joy, andespecially during COVID. I miss doing improv showsin random indie theaters in LA. I justmiss doing weird comedy. I think that doing voiceoverhas really sort of tapped into thatpart of me and it's brought me a lot of joy.Were you a fan the first Mortal Kombat movie? Didyou know the world immediately whenthey came to you with the sequel?TRAN: Yeah. And also, when you audition for something,you get an audition notice, andthen you look at something and you're like, "Oh, Iknow what this is." And I feel the sameway about all the properties I've done when it comesto this kind of stuff, Star Wars stuff, allof it. You get an audition and you look at it andyou don't think to yourself that you'reactually going to get it. Do you know what I mean?

You think, "Oh, I know this world. This is awesome.This is going to be so much fun," andyou just go in as an actor, you do the best work youcan, you just leave it at the door. I usedto do this thing before I was auditioning for thingsthat were a secret that I couldn't evenget the sides to. But I used to do this thing in auditionswhere I would just take the sidesthat I had for the audition and just toss them afterwardsand just have this weird, okay, Ihad my fun in the room and I don't try to judge myfun based on whether or not I get a part,if that makes sense. I try to make the reward whathappens in the room.Well, you keep getting hired, so you must be doingsomething right.TRAN: We'll see.You are in the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special thatjust came out as well. Do we think Rosehad more lines in the Lego Star Wars Holiday Specialthan in Rise of Skywalker?TRAN: Oh my goodness. Do we think? Do we have to count?I think we have to count.TRAN: That was so much fun. I love Rose. I have suchan attachment to my time playing inthat world and being that character. I'm just excitedfor people to see more of her. So yeah,that was really fun.In this house, we stan Rose as well. We just watchedThe Last Jedi again this weekend, noteven prompted by this.TRAN: Aw, I love that.Do you have a favorite Star Wars fan interaction orexperience that you've had?TRAN: Yes. Absolutely. And this was actually... Iwas in London I think for the Londonpremiere of the movie and I had brought one of mybest friends, Caitlin, who also... She andI went through UCB together and Second City, so we'reboth improv weirdos. She was myroommate when I booked the part of Rose, so she sortof saw me through this wholeexperience. And we're sitting in this... I rememberbecause I think we had just seen CursedChild because we're also huge Harry Potter fans. Thisinterview is going off the rails, by theway. I'm just totally...No, it’s perfect

TRAN: Okay. So we had just seen Cursed Child. Imagineus and we're in this little pub, in theupstairs, eating meat pies. So good. And we're sittingthere eating these meat pies, and Ihear this table of like 10 people to the right ofus who had just seen The Last Jedi and werefully discussing what they thought of this movie.I'm just sitting there with my friend,Caitlin, just eating these meat pies. So I just wentover there and I was like, "Hey, guys," andthey were like, "Hey." I was like, "I just wantedto say, I heard you talking about The LastJedi. I play Rose and I just wanted to say hi." AndI just think it's so exciting to be part ofsomething that people love so much that they wantto sit around a table in a pub and talkabout it afterwards. I always think about how muchof a privilege that is to be makingthings that a large amount of people want to see.It's sort of like a cultural touchstone. ThenI just hung out with them for a little bit, and thatwas one of my favorite experiencesbecause it just was sort of the encapsulation of me,for the first time, really working in thisworld and really experiencing being part of somethingthat is so much bigger than me. Andseeing the joy it brought other people was prettycool.I also love that it's a story about you going to someoneelse and not someone else comingup to you.TRAN: Yeah. I'm a total freak, yeah. I was just like,"Oh, I'm just going to causally interrupt ameal right now."I have to ask about Raya and the Last Dragon beforeI go, because everyone I've talked toyou at Disney Animation just says that you came inand knocked it out of the park andeverybody loves working with you, so just so you havea good reputation over there.TRAN: Oh my gosh. Wait, that's so nice. That meansso much.What has that been like for you? You're a Disney princessnow.TRAN: Yeah. I am so thrilled and freaked out. Obviously,it's such a privilege to work withthese incredible artists who truly... I grew up watchingDisney films, as pretty much, I don'twant to say everyone, but most people grew up on Disneyfilms and just being such a fan ofthat world. And then to be able to come in and workwith all of these incredible peoplewho... Sometimes I'll have a conversation with someoneand be like, "Cool, cool." I'll go onIMDB and Google and them and be like, "Whoa, theyworked on The Lion King," and allthese other things and it just freaks me out. It isjust so cool.Yeah, I always say this, and I know it sounds so cheesybecause it probably is, but I justthink it's true, everything that I've been able todo in my career this far very much feels like an impossible miracle. I am not someone who had connections in this industry. I'm notsomeone who knew how to do that. I really feel likeI was like the blind leading the blind,trying to figure out how to audition and this world.Everyone who has dreams as a kidwatching these movies and wanting to be a part ofit, if there's anything that can prove thatit's possible to do anything, it’s that somehow Iam where I am continuing to do the thingsthat I'm doing. Yeah, it means a lot to me that you,yeah, that you said that about the peoplethat you know at Disney because I just love everyonethere so much. I'm just grateful.Mortal Kombat leaves things pretty open. You couldcome back. Would you jump at thechance to return?TRAN: Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I had such a great timeworking on it. And also I still have notmet Nic Cage and I find this to be a travesty. SoI will do the third one just to meet Nic Cage.Make it happen, DreamWorks. Come on.I hope post-quarantine, you and Nic Cage go out forseafood buffet or something.TRAN: Like why hasn't this happened? Yes. Seafoodbuffet feels like just the thing with NicCage.