What are we learning this week?

Week of: May 9-13

Words of the Week:





 This week in math we are going to learn about number order.


In health we are going to be learning about summer safety.

* Please make flashcards for these   words*

- the              green          on        I    had                said            or       can

- of                is                zero  seven                      will            up        other

- and              brown         are      eight                   about       out         many

-a                     that          two       at                       then     them        these

- to                    it             as         be                         so         some        her

- in                    white       three   nine

- you                 pink          with     this

- red                 he              four    ten

- blue               was             five     have

- black              gray             his   when  

- purple           zero              six      from

- yellow           for               they  your not    word           use    what

all        their     if            an      do    how      which   she