LMS Study Skills Class Group Project

Welcome to the Study Skills Class Project Website!


Please CAREFULLY READ the following directions:

RESEARCH (Computer Lab)

On your day in the computer lab, your assignment will be to write down 10 facts or tips you find on the Internet about your topic. Click on the link Group Topics to find your assigned topic. When you click on your topic, you will find a list of websites that you will explore to find the information you need.


Your group assignment will be to prepare a poster that describes the best tips or ideas you found on the Internet about your topic.

The poster should have the following:

  1. Title
  2. Names of all group members
  3. 8 to 10 important tips or facts
  4. Pictures related to each tip or fact

I will provide the poster board and markers. You may bring your own markers or colored pencils, too.


You will also present your poster to the rest of the class.

The presentation should include the following:

  1. All group members stand with poster
  2. All group members speak
  3. Group members are prepared to answer questions 
  4. Presentation is organized and group members know when to speak 

To begin, click on the link Group Topics to research your topic.