VOCABULARY OPTIONS--use all the words except in 5, 8, and 10.

Option 1: Sentences. Write sentences using each word or phrase. Each sentence must demonstrate that you know the meaning of the word (only a synonym may take its place). Underline each vocab word.  

Option 2: Story.  Write a creative story using all the words. An interesting story may earn bonus points. ["words" means to underline!]

Option 3: Poem. Write a poem with all the words. The poem must be 8 lines or longer and it must rhyme in some pattern. Underline! 

Option 4: Synonym/Antonym. Fold your paper into three columns. Correctly write all the vocab words in the middle column. Write a SYNONYM for the word in the LEFT column; an ANTONYM in the RIGHT column. You may leave 6 blanks. 

Option 5: Crossword. Make up a crossword using at least 16 vocab words.  Your ACROSS and DOWN clues are the definitions! No clues, no credit. Solve your own crossword.

Option 6: Letter. Write a letter to a literary character. Use proper format (salutation, complimentary closing...); 3 or more paragraphs.

Option 7: Outline. Properly format an outline to categorize your vocab words. Use Roman Numerals (I, II, III, IV, V...) for the categories which you determine and capital letters (A, B, C ...) for the vocab words in each category. You may NOT USE "OTHER" as a category.

Option 8:  Pictures. Draw a picture to symbolize the meaning of 15 of the listed words. Write the vocab word beneath each drawing.

Option 9: Test. Make up a test using all the words. Include matching, multiple choice, or fill in the blank (no scrambled letters).  You must include a KEY or TAKE YOUR OWN TEST. 

Option 10: Top 10. Make up a Top Ten List like Letterman, using one or more vocab words in each item.