Spelling Activities

SPELLING--These activities are only for SPELLING/REWRITE WORDS

Spell 1:  Fold your paper four times. In each box write a different word from the group of Rewrite Words three times with your right hand and three times with your left hand.

Spell 2: Using your spelling/REWRITE words as the lines in a drawing, “draw” a scene on paper. Write each word five times as you complete your drawing.

Spell 3: Using different color pens, markers, or crayons, write each spelling/rewrite word as a complete word, but write the vowels in the word in a different color. No highlighters. Don’t use black and pencil together.

Spell 4:   Fold your paper into three columns.  In the center column write the group of REWRITE words. In the left hand column, write the word with a prefix added to the spelling word, and in the right-hand column, write the word with a suffix added.  Each word needs either a prefix or a suffix, but you may include both.