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September 30th

Per. 1 The Kite Runner Chapter 1-5 Questions.

**write down both questions and answers

1. The novel begins with a flashback. What do you think is its purpose? What doyou learn about the narrator? 

2. What was Hassan’s first word? Why is that important?  

3. Who, in the story thus far, is Hazara? 

4. Who, in the story thus far, is Pashtun? 

5. How does Amir describe his home? Why do you think he elaborates this description so much? What do the details of the family pictures in Amir's house reveal? 

6. Who is Sanaubar?  

7. Who is Ali? What do the neighborhood children call him? What does it mean?Why do they call him this? 

8. Who is Baba? Describe him. 

 9. What does Baba give Hassan for his birthday?  

10. Who is Assef? What is he famous for? Who does he admire? 

11. Who are Wali and Kamal? 

12. What happens between Assef/Wali/Kamal and Amir/Hassan? What does Assefthreaten (foreshadow) to do to Amir and Hassan? 

13. Hassan has plastic surgery to be able to smile “normally” by the following winter. Why does Amir think that is ironic?

 14. What does Amir want to tell Assef about Hassan when Assef bullies them aboutbeing friends?

September 4th 

 Periods: 1 & 3

 Finish your research on www.bls.gov.oco for your top 2 career choices. 

Go to www.monster.com or any other legible job search site and look for CURRENT job openings in your two career choices.  Bring the print out to class, or write it by hand if you do not have access to a printer.  This is important for you to complete, since we will be using this information in our next class. Due: Sept. 9th

*You need to have this complete by the time you enter my classroom. I WILL NOT BE PRINTING ANY MORE HW FOR STUDENTS! It is your responsibility.  Tongue out

Have a great long weekend, stay safe!! Happy birthday Joseph and Luis!! Laughing

 *Purchase your copy of The Kite Runner...see Reminder section.

September 9th

 Periods: 1 & 3

Explore your word processing programs for a resume template. If you have it, fantastic! Now you can create your resume. If you do not have a template, go to www.resumetemplates.org and create your resume from the template provided. Your printed copy will be due next class (Friday, Sept.11th)  Be sure to save it all to your flash drive! 

*Purchase your copy of The Kite Runner...see Reminder section.


Period: 5 

Create a Venn Diagram comparing La Relacion and the film Cabeza de Vaca