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Lesson Plans for: April Minyard

5th grade/Room H2

Language Arts & Social Studies


7:40-8:05 Language Arts/Journaling Time

  1. Inform students that they should be reading their library books this morning and/or taking AR tests.
  2. Allow students to go two at a time to the board to pick a topic to write about this week.
  3. Have students pick up a graphic organizer on the writing center table after they’ve chosen a topic.
  4. Students should brainstorm quietly at their desks and fill out a graphic organizer until the bell rings.


8:05-9:35 SFA (Reading)

  1. Today we are reading Backstage at a Newscast (Day 3).
  2. Please follow the teacher’s lesson book word for word. (The daily reading schedule is taped up next to the Smartboard.)
  3. Students are to get their team folders and these have their reading questions and vocabulary word exercise. After team talk and vocabulary, students should begin on their writing assignment.
  4. This week’s writing assignment is to write a school news story, covering the 5 w’s (who, what, when, where, why, and HOW). Students were already supposed to have brainstormed. Today is “Drafting” day, so students should be working on writing their first rough draft.
  5. If students complete their writing assignment, have them read their AR books until the bell rings.


9:35-9:40 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Homeroom students continue prewriting on this week’s topic until the recess bell rings.


9:40-9:50 1st recess (you have a break)

  1. Send the students out into the hallway for inside recess with a library book.


9:50-10:25 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Instruct one person from every team to get two privacy folders for their team.                   
  2. Have students clear their desks and take out a pencil.
  3. Pass out the student reading tests and remind students of not talking during a test.
  4. Tell students to turn in their tests in two separate stacks on the front table when they are through and to work on their writing topic for the week (they may go to drafting if they finish prewriting) or read their library books until everyone has completed the test.                                     


10:25-11:00 Social Studies

  1. When ALL students finish the test, have students open their Social Studies books to Chp. 2 Review (p.      ).
  2. Tell students that their big test is Thursday and today they will be completing the Chapter Review.
  3. Write on the board Vocab, People and Places, Facts and Main Ideas, and Apply Skills. These are the sections students should be working on. It is up to you whether they may work together or separate on this. Whatever they do not finish is for HOMEWORK…
  4. Please tell them we will be playing Mindpoint Quiz Show tomorrow and Jeopardy on Wednesday to prepare for their test…


11:00-11:30 Lunch (Please escort students to the cafeteria. You have a break during this time. Meet the students back in the cafeteria at 11:25.)

11:30-12:00 Chorus/Band (Walk the students to Chorus. They can tell you where to go. Some students go straight to band.)

12:00-12:30 PE/Band (At 12:30, please meet the band students and walk them back to class. You can stand by the benches in front of the office and wait there for them or if you know where the band room is, go and meet them there.)


12:30-1:00 Language Arts (second class)

  1. Mrs. Stevens’ students come to my class in the afternoon.
  2. These students have the same assignments as above.
  3. Have students read their AR books quietly (if they didn’t bring their book, have them go back to class to get it!)…
  4. Allow students two or three at a time to go to the board to pick a topic and then pick up a graphic organizer from the writing center and begin working on it at their desks.


1:00-1:10 2nd recess (you have a break)

  1. Have students go into the hallway for inside recess with a library book.


1:10-1:25 Language Arts, cont.

  1. Students have the same assignment as earlier (Reading tests and prewriting/drafting).


1:25-2:00 Social Studies

  1. Same assn as earlier: finish tests and then work on Chp. 2 review


2:00-2:35 French

  1. My students switch back and French students go to class.
  2. Have my remediation students work quietly on their writing topic for the week. You may help them with ideas and getting started.
  3. If they have finished writing their rough drafts, you may allow them to read their library books and/or take AR tests. Their new AR student ID and PASSWORD is typed on a document and taped to the dry erase board.


2:35-2:45 Students pack quietly. For homework, have students write in their agenda books to finish writing graphic organizers for Language and finish Chp 2 Review for Social Studies.

2:45 Start lining up students to go outside and sit on the benches.

2:50-3:10 Stand outside by the benches as students go to their buses (this is my daily duty).



If you have discipline problems, please have students slide their conduct clip each time for each offense…



THANK YOU SO MUCH! How was your day? (Questions/Comments)