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Steps to ensure a successful pregnancy after tubal reversal

The prolific success rates of tubal reversal surgery are encouraging. This is for the women who previously underwent tubal ligation. If you feel it is worth a try, then you should pay heed to some essential aspects. It is crucial to note, the success rate of this surgery depends on various factors. Specialist doctors recommend the following specific steps to enhance fertility. Let us take a look at some of them.

Managing your weight can be critical to a successful pregnancy. When there are excess fat deposits in the body, there are few hormones that tend to overproduce. Consequently, problems like disturbed periods and infrequent ovulation can hamper your fertility. Again those who are underweight will also encounter various complications. Thus, the maintenance of a healthy weight is indispensable. Your fertility specialists can recommend the ideal weight.

Consult with a nutritionist about the diet. If you do not know this already, certain foods can enhance fertility. A diet rich in iron, protein, and vitamin C is the best choice. The doctor may also recommend taking multivitamin doses if needed. Poor eating habits increase the chances of miscarriage and also inhibit ovulation. It is additionally vital to eliminate any stress and tension from your mind. You can resort to techniques like meditation or yoga that are effective stress relievers.

It is equally essential for your male partner to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chances are, even if you are doing the needful for boosting fertility, and your male partner has health complications, pregnancy will get delayed. The tubal reversal surgeon thus recommends the male to undergo a semen analysis. The sperm quality can affect fertility. If the doctor identifies any problems, then they will initiate the treatment procedure to overcome the problem.

Couples who have a habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, or are addicted to caffeine, can expect delayed results. All the above practices can damage the eggs, impair the fertilization procedure. Similarly, consumption of alcohol is dangerous. A recent study concluded those who take 2 cups of caffeine in a day are at an increased risk of having a miscarriage. Therefore the use of all these products mentioned above should refrain.

Lastly, the woman should track her periods. Precisely you should be fully aware of your cycle. For a healthy woman, the average cycle should be around 25-35 days. If you notice anything abnormal, you can always consult your gynecologist. Fertility rescue operations can then be suggested. You can use an ovulation kit, for helping your cause. After the tubal reversal surgery, the doctors may recommend additional guidelines. You must adhere to them if you want to fulfill your desire to become a mother soon.