Copyright, plagiarism and fair use


Understanding copyright is very important in the technology world.  It is important that students know what re-use and fair use entail. It is important that students be creative and responsible for their work in this digital world that we live in.


Proper citation of material is a MUST.  Follow these simple rules for the key to success in this information age.

P-paraphrasing someone's work with little change.

L-legal concerns

A-academic dishonesty

G-grades will suffer                                                                            

I-ideas of others

A-always provide a citation

R-references used in text                                                    

I-intellectual violation

S-suffer consequences


Ru Story-Huffman. (2006). Plagiarisme.




Fair Use 

There are no set guidelines. Student's who want to use copyrighted work need to understand these four factors:

The purpose and character of the use

The nature of the copyrighted work

The amount and substantiality of the portion used

The effect of use on the potential market for the copyrighted work


Fair Use