World History

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Standard World History at the ninth grade level is a survey course that gives students the opportunity to explore recurring themes of human  experience common to civilizations around the globe from ancient to contemporary times. An historical approach will be at the center of the  course. The application of the themes of geography and an analysis of the cultural traits of civilizations will help students understand how people shape their world and how their world shapes them. As students examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements, and phenomena, they encounter the contributions and patterns of living in civilizations around the world. Students broaden their historical perspectives as they explore ways societies have dealt with continuity and change, exemplified by issues such as war and peace, internal stability and strife, and the development of institutions. To become informed citizens, students require knowledge of the civilizations that have shaped the development of the United States. World History provides the foundation that enables students to acquire this knowledge which will be used in the study of Civics and Economics and United States History.


Honors World History provides the opportunity for advanced work, rigorous study, and systematic study of major ideas and concepts found in the study of global history. The course is challenging and requires students to take greater responsibility for their learning by participating in problem-seeking, problem-solving, scholarly and creative processes, critical analysis and application, and reflective thinking. Although the goals and objectives are the same as those found in the Standard Course of Study, the material is taught with greater complexity and reflects a differentiated curriculum.