Music Production Companies

WORLD DRUMMINGo       This class offers drumming and percussion in an ensemble setting in both the West African and Latin traditions. Common drumming patterns will be learned and students will eventually accompany dance and vocal groups.  Materials used will include textbooks West African Drum and Dance and World Music Drumming.  Performance opportunities will include in-school presentations and accompaniment for concerts.  

CHORUSo       Co-directed by general music teachers Ms. Brendel and Mrs. DiPaola-Davis, the chorus offers large and small group singing opportunities and the choral repertoire will include music from China, Latin America, American folk songs, Western art music as well as popular music.

KEYBOARD LABo       The state-of-the-art keyboard lab at Sunset Ridge has 28 student keyboards and a teacher station.  Each keyboard is connected to a computer with music theory, composition, and music recording/editing programs installed. In this production company, piano technique, music literacy and composition will be the focus of instruction. Students will have the opportunity to perform original compositions as a solo, in small groups, or as one large ensemble.  Compositions and performances will be saved and recorded to audio CDs. 

AFRICAN DANCEo       Students participating in this production company receive instruction in dances from West Africa. Students study the origins of these dances, exploring the colorful cultures of the African continent. As well as dancing, students will be learning to play the drum rhythms that accompany the traditional choreography.