Drum Supply Order Form

Here is a copy of the drum supply form - feel free to copy it and print it out for future orders.


Drum Supply Order Form


Congratulations!  Based on your audition, you have been selected to be a Sunset Ridge Drummer.


Please check off the items you may need to purchase.  All beginners must purchase a drum kit and book.  Advanced drummers may only have to order one or more items depending on their current equipment.  All drum students must bring a pair of sticks, book, and practice pad with stand to every lesson.

 Practice Pad, Sticks, Book __________$57.00__ 

Book only $7.00 _____________


Sticks (5a) $7.00 _____________


Just a Practice Pad (I already own a breeze easy bk and a pair of 5a sticks.) $45.00 _____


I am enclosing $___________________. (Only money order or cash will be accepted.)


Student’s Name ______________________________________


Homeroom Teacher:  _________________________________


Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________