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Meet the Teachers







Mr. Dalilis has been a teacher at Promenade for more than 20  years.  He has two awesome sons that attend Alvord Schools.  His wife is also a teacher in our district.  For fun, the Dalilis' love spending time together with family-Ohana! 

Mrs. Bain is in her 19th year at Promenade and also has two adult sons, both who attended Promenade.   The Bains love the Boston Red Sox and try to see them when they're in town.  They also love going to the movies since Mr. Bain is an actor.

Mrs. Endres has been at Promenade for 19 years and has a son in high school and a daughter in middle school.  The Endres family loves to be outdoors and on the go. 

Mrs. Weaver has been at Promenade for 21 years and has two kids in college. The Weaver's are always on the go and love spending time together with family and friends.




Get 2 Months for $5!