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Homework is practice for kids, not punishment. 

We are using a homework program called "Un-Homework" this year.  Research shows that too much homework in early grades has a negative result.  Families today have increasingly less time to spend together due to busy work, school, and extracurricular schedules.  Un-Homework is a friendly homework alternative that offers student choice and incentives, and it saves time.  Choices offered are brief, hands-on explorations that will eliminate frustration and encourage empowered learning.  Un-homework is not graded or mandatory but incentives encourage choice.

A newsletter/cover sheet with a reading log on the back comes home every Friday in the Communication Folder.  Students have until the following Friday to complete the choices on the Un-Homework and to finish the reading log.  They may return their "choice" tickets anytime, however, these will not be pulled until Friday when folders are collected.  They must be signed by parents for credit.

In addition to our Friday-Friday homework packets, students will be responsible for “Poems for Home” and “Love Notes”.   Poems for Home are done in class every Tuesday and are taken home, read, signed, and returned the next day, Wednesday.  Love Notes are completed in class on Wednesdays, taken home, read, filled out, and are to be returned the following day, Thursday. We read the Love Notes aloud in class so be sure that what you write is appropriate to be read to all students. Poems for Home and Love Note ARE MANDATORY.  These are not choice items.