As a professional China Polyester Fabrics Manufacturers and Textiles Suppliers,The courage to pursue the ultimate, continue to create surprises

20+ years of professional textile manufacture

Our company has many advanced equipments, such as knitting circular machine, double jacquard circular knitting machine, shuttleless loom, air weaving machine, in order to improve quality and reduce cost. The company focuses on innovation and improvement, we want to provide reasonable prices and high quality products to our customers.

Various kinds

We are the professional on polyester fabrics Manufacturers and Textiles Suppliers, including knitted fabrics, woven jacquard fabrics, polyester fabrics, FR glass fabrics and 3D air mesh. During the development over 20 years, Hengyi has a high customer loyalty in the market and get the market recognition.  


We aim to serve you about the high quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

We are forward to welcome customers all from the world to visit us and have a chance to cooperate.


The froth mattress is temperature sensitive which means that when your body is likely to make it warm it will eventually get softer. You will need to lie on your back and gently make an attempt to put you using your low back without lifting the human body. This test is additionally true for other mattresses additionally. If ever the hand easily fits below your some time past it indicates which the mattress isn't supporting your whole body. So what is the real difference between both these kinds of mattresses and in what way is it possible to know which is the answer you're looking for? Read below and then determine all to know about the foam mattress and then the latex one. Latex mattresses have been available for years and the Textiles raw material only for longer.


Woven jacquard fabrics Suppliers

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