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Facts about getting pregnant following a tubal ligation


Not everyone can speculate how life would shape up later. Thus, some decisions taken can hurt later. One such example is for the women who insist going for tubal ligation. Stats reveal countless women repent their decision after a few years. Thankfully, the road to become a parent, when they desire is not completely over. With breakthrough advances in the medical field, procedures such as tubal reversal surgery and IVF can help such women to fulfill their wish of a successful pregnancy.

The candidature of a woman for both IVF and TR surgery would depend on the decision of the specialist. For meeting the criteria, the woman must undergo a wide array of examinations. Furthermore, a woman may not be comfortable undergoing any one of these two methods. Therefore, it involves several considerations, before the doctor can make a final call. To complicate the decision, you will often hear, the chances of miscarriage are greater when you go for tubal reversal surgery. So, let us try to explore the facts in details.


We seldom tend to gather the information that does not matter to us directly. However, if you invest some quality time in researching on the opinions of the renowned doctors, the truth is different. After undergoing a TR surgery, the chances of complications like miscarriages are almost negligible. Unless the woman is in her later 40’s, such risks should never bother anyone. Think practically, miscarriage is a possibility even for women who underwent a tubal ligation. So, as you can see, the age factor is significant for the outcome.

Now, if you think IVF is a safer option, then you are wrong. For the unversed, IVF requires administering the patient with various hormonal medications. Following which, the egg retrieval procedure commences. The aforesaid procedures can be challenging, and often many women succumb to the anxiety. Furthermore, while undergoing the IVF procedure, the egg stops fertilizing. Thus, it again increases the risk of a miscarriage.


Then again, the anxiousness of becoming a parent can also take a toll on women. The tendency to conduct regular pregnancy tests can also jeopardize a fruitful pregnancy. The key is to go for proper suggestions and advice which not only decreases the chances of complications but also encourages a positive result. Understandably, the woman who is in a dilemma will find it difficult to lead a normal life. The support of family members and a friendly health specialist can help her during the period.

No matter, whichever option appears suitable, you should mentally prepare for it. As already mentioned, it is imperative consulting the right specialist, who will recommend the best line of treatment. Women can seek the consultation of both tubal reversal surgeons and IVF specialists. The decision will depend on the results of the initial tests in both cases. Moreover, women should understand, tubal reversal surgery can help them becoming pregnant naturally. For IVF, they need to undergo a series of cycles, and the success will depend on it. Thus, evaluate all these factors and then proceed for the most suitable method.