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Please send in Sunny D UPC codes! We can earn free books for our classroom!

Gradebooks are almost ready to be downloaded to us. We are in the process of making sure the students are listed in each subject. Once grades are entered, and the county uploads the information, parents will be able to see changes on the portal. I expect to be able to enter all grades tomorrow, therefore you should be able to see their most current grade after midnight tomorrow night.         

from: Sarah McDonald O'Leary, Autism Teacher @Roberts Elementary

Our autism classes are raising money for the Georgia Race for Autism. This event raises money that comes back directly to our autism families in Gwinnett through the Spectrum group. On September 7, students who donate $1will be allowed to wear their favorite hat in school. Please do not bring money in prior to this day. Thanks for your support!


Upcoming TESTS

Spelling: Friday (every)

DGP (coming every Wed)

Mt. LA (every Thursday)

Science Thursday 8/30

SS Ch. 2 The week we get back from Labor Day wkend

Science: Scientific Method Thursday 8/30

Units of Study:

Math: Division with decimals in divisors and dividends, working through the remainders

Social Studies: Civil War

Science: Scientific Method

Language Arts/Grammar: Parts of speech, Mt. LA, DGP


HOMEWORK: Please check your child's planner for the most current listing of homework.

In general, all students have Spelling, DGP, and reading nightly. I highly recommend that students review their SS and/or Science books for 5-10 minutes a night. This is a very effective form of studying and will help your child retain information for the tests.

TESTS: Please check your child's planner for the most current listing of upcoming tests.

In general, students will have weekly DGP (Wed), Mt.LA (Th) and Spelling (Fri) tests. In addition, they should be reviewing for upcoming Science or Social Studies tests. Once we start a new unit, that is the time to begin studying for the test.

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