Supply List

Supply List

Mrs. Jones' 1st Grade Supply List

Daniel Pratt Elementary School 2008-2009

3   rolls of paper towels

3   boxes of crayons (24 count)

2   boxes of washable Crayola thick classic markers (washable)

1   watercolor paint sets

2   spiral notebook (wide ruled) 70 count

4   bottles of washable school glue

4   magic rub erasers

4   solid color pocket folders with paper fasteners (please do not write on)

1    pair of Fiskar Metal blade scissors for Kids

1   ruler

4   *plastic coated folders with pockets, with fasteners

1   package of #2 wood pencils (I recommend Tichonronga)

2   packages of colored construction paper (fadeless)

1   ream of colored copy paper (any color)

2   containers of Clorox or Lysol Wipes

3   reams of white copy paper

1    container of Wet Ones or Baby Wipes

1   bottle of hand sanitizer (Boys Bring)

1   package of colored 3X5 index cards (Boys Bring)

1   package of cotton balls (Boys Bring)

1   bottle of all purpose spray cleaner (Boys Bring)

1   box of quart sized Ziploc bags (Girls Bring)

1   box of gallon sized Ziploc bags (Girls Bring)

1   box of dry erase markers (broad tip) (Girls Bring)

1   bottle of Lysol spray air freshner (Girls Bring)

1   1 inch 3 ring binder

2   composition notebooks (not spiral)

1   tote bag (may be purchased from school)

2   glue sticks

1   supply box

2   zipper pouches

3   boxes of Klenex Tissues

1   bottle of hand soap refill (Girls Bring)

2  small dollar store items for treasure box (no candy please)