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Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

1) Treat each other and yourself with respect. This means we speak respectfully to each other and you do your best in class and are prepared so that you can be successful.

2) Have all assignments on time. I do not accept late work for any reason, unless you were absent. I expect you to hand in work when I ask for it at the beginning of class; I will not accept it later in the class period. You are old enough to have your materials completed and with you when you arrive in my room. It is not fair to those who completed the assignment as asked.

3) You will be allowed 3 bathroom passes per nine weeks. Although these are called bathroom passes, they may be used to retrieve anything you left in another class or allow you to go to the counselor. Just remember you only have 3 each nine weeks. If you have used your passes and need to go anywhere, you will have to serve afternoon detention in my class.

4) If you miss a test or a quiz, you must make it up before or after school in a timely manner. If you fail to come and make up the missed test before the next scheduled class test, you will take both at the same time. You will not be given additional time to complete the tests. If you would like to take your time to make up the test you missed, come after school. The only exceptions are for lengthy absences/illnesses. In those cases we will arrange a schedule for making up missed work.





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