Classroom News


Dates to Remember

May 11 - Sleep-over (you must have your 15 points by then)

May 17 -22 Neighboring Country Reports

May 23 - AR End of the Year Movie

May 24 - End of the Year Party at Hollywood 20 & Arlington Park


  **********Congratulations to Ariana and Tristan for making 100 AR points! 

Spelling - we are done!

Cursive - we will continue to practice - most are doing very well!


I Ready - we are finishing up the IReady diagnostics for the end of the year.  I will email you the results.  Fourth grade likes at least an 850 reading lexile.  If your child is below that, please read a lot this summer.


Reading - we will continue to read from Storyworks and take quizzes until May 22nd.  


Math - fractions will round out the year and there will be one more math test.  Also, anytime a student want to improve his/her time test scores all they have to do is ask.


End of the Year Party - Our class is in charge of vegetables for the party. Please contact Mrs. Anderson if you can help.  The permission slips will come home soon.  The party is on May 24th.  We will depart school around 9:20 to go to Hollywood 20 to see Show Dogs, then on to Arlington Park for lunch and swimming.  Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes and bring a bag with a towel, frisbee or ball for the park and sunscreen.  All parents are welcome to attend the pool event. 


Be sure to plan to attend your child's presentation at 3:00pm.  






Dates to Remember

April 10-11 FSA Language Arts Test

April 18-19 FSA Math Test

April 17  School House Rocks Dinner Reservation Due

April 26 - School House Rocks Evening Performance

April 27 - School House Rocks School Perfomance (for students only)

May 11 - Sleep-over (you must have your 15 points by then)

May 17 -22 Neighboring Country Reports

May 24 - End of the Year Party at Hollywood 20 & Arlington Park


*********Congratulations to Omy, Max & Jeff  for earning 100 AR points!**************************



Strange request..... I spend a lot of time telling my little muffins to tie their shoes, and when there are 100 kids on stage moving about in limited lighting it can be hazardous ( I know from experience). Can you please check your childs laces? Some are soooo long.


My classroom is stress free as far as the FSA goes. Healthy snacks will be provided by the school in the morning and quite the opposite in the afternnoon! Don't forget to return your "survey". After reading is over we will work hard on reviewing third grade math, while continuing with 4th grade math. Eat a healthy breakfast!


School House Rocks - Boys need black cargo shorts and girls need black capri length leggings.  I have shirts for them. Don't forget to send in you School House Rocks dinner reservation for before the show - we use the money for the end of the year field trip and to offset the cost of the play.  On the evening of the 26th students must be in my classroom at 6:30pm sharp to change into their shirts.  The show begins at 7:00, the doors will not open until 6:45. After the show the students will need to return to my room to give me back the shirts for the next mornings performance.  Come to school on Friday in your cargo shorts & capris. 


Sleep - over permission slips will come home after the play.  The sleep-over is from 7pm to 7am.....Believe me we have our act down on this event!  We have discussed bed wetting, if anyone in the class has that problem just send in an extra outfit and NO ONE will make fun or tease, we have all wet the bed.


Neighboring Country Reports - We have begin studying them in class and students will work in small groups to create a power point, T shirt, plan a small meal to share with the class and present to the class and parents.  You are encouraged to attend your child's presentation.

Cuba - May 17

Canada May 18

Mexico May 21

Puerto Rico May 22


The "skirt" you may or may not have heard but I found the Pininterst idea.  I bought a white skirt and have challenged the class to design it for me.  I have not yet seen it but half the class has already worked on it.  It goes home with each student for two nights.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Shea























March 13th - 14 AR Points Due

March 15th - AR Movie

March 16th - No School/Professional Day

March 23rd - Field Trip to Ringling Museum

March 26th - 30th Spring Break


Elementary will not be participating in the "Walk-Out" on March 14th.

Anyone who wants to take a timed test on any operation only needs to ask, but they need to ask.

Spelling Test on Tuesday

AR books must be 4th grade level or higher to count for the quarterly goal

I need a volunteer to chaperone the Ringling Field Trip


School House Rocks - For the performance students will each receive a T Shirt for show and the girls will need black capri length leggings and the boys black cargo shorts. Any shoes will do.  The play is the evening of April 26th for parents. There will be a fund raiser dinner beforehand.


**To indicate you have read this please answer the question below.**

Where would you spend your ideal Spring Break ?





Dates to Remember

March 4th - Radishes due

March 13th - 14 AR Points Due

March 15th - AR Movie

March 16th - No School/Professional Day

March 23rd - Field Trip to Ringling Museum

March 26th - 30th Spring Break


Congratulations to Caroline,Kate & Alliecat for earning 100 AR points, they join Anton and Liliana. Don't forget to keep up your AR points the sleep-over is coming.....


Thank you to Mrs. Kim & Mrs. Murphy for joining us at Jungle Gardens.


No Wonderopolis this week INSTEAD in their Wonderopolis book they are to write a paragraph about their chosen bio person. In class we have created a timeline with the major inventions and their bio character.  The paragraph is to write about how life would be different with or without one of the inventions on our timeline.  For example, last year one student wrote about how Picasso could have sold his paintings (internet) on Ebay or Amazon. Please help them be creative - I look forward to hearing them on Friday.


Radishes - don't worry if they don't grow, send in what you have.  Be sure to follow the instructions when sending in the radishes.  The grade is for your journal and pictures!


School House Rocks - For the performance students will each receive a T Shirt for show and the girls will need black capri length leggings and the boys black cargo shorts. Any shoes will do.  The play is the evening of April 26th for parents. There will be a fund raiser dinner beforehand.


End of Year Field trip - I need one parent who will work with a parent for each classroom to plan our end of the year luncheon at Arlington Park. Our plan is to go to the movies in the morning at Hollywood 20, then proceed to Arlington to have lunch, play, and swim.


Spelling - a new list of words will come home on Wednesday.


Language Arts - There will be a test on Tuesday on adverbs, we will review on Monday. We will then finish the remainder of the chapter on prepositions.


Social Studies - we are working on government.  For extra credit students may memorize the 9 supreme court justices and tell me two facts about their job.  If you want a free 100% on a quiz you can memorize the presidents in order.  This need to be done before the end of the quarter.  You will receive a review sheet a couple of days before the test.


Math - Test on Wednesday.  Students will make a conversion sheet in class and can use it for the test.  I am taking the time(seconds, hours, minutes, weeks, etc) part out of the test and will teach those skills independent of the chapter.  I couldn't remove the time questions from the practice test online, so just do the best you can on those.  Your grade comes from doing the work!


Bragging - My brother (Flody Suarez) has a tv show airing on March 13th called Rise. It is a true story but closely resembles the kind of teacher and coach my father was, which is why my brother is involved as an executive producer! In addition, he is the producer of the new Cher musical beginning in Chicago in June!!!


***To indicate you have read this, please write in your child's agenda the answer to the following question.**

                              What invention could you NOT live without?


Have a great week!

Suzi Shea














Dates to Remember 2/5/2018

February 9th - Wax Museum @ 9:30 Bring lots of change!

February 14th - Valentine Post Office

Febraury 16th - Peramathon

February 19th - No School/President's Day

February 22nd - Field Trip Jungle Gardens/Bag Lunch

March 13th - 14 AR Points Due

March 15th - AR Movie

March 16th - No School/Professional Day

March 23rd - Field Trip to Ringling Museum/Permission slip will come home this week.

March 26th - 30th Spring Break


Science - Test on Tuesday, students brought home a study guide last Thursday (it was yellow).

No Wonderopolis this week.

Peramathon - please consider donating or buying a T shirt, ifeveryone in the class participates then we win a class party!

Wax Museum - we will continue writing our books this week in class.  Speeches should be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 4.  Speeches do not need to be memorized but can be.  Students may have note cards only if their speech is not memorized.  Parents and grandparents and friends are invited to attend.  The characters will come to life when you plop a coin in their bin.  ALL proceeds go to our end of the year party.  Costumes should be what you can come up with at home. Students should come to school dressed.  Please meet us in the auditorium at 9:30.  Thanks.

Valentines Mail Box - students need to  create a Valentine's Day mailbox and for extra credit tell me the perimeter!  It is due on February 14th, don't bring it in any sooner there isn't any room! It shouldn't be bigger then their desk.

 * Make sure all Valentine's are addressed per the instructions sent home last week with the correct zip code.

* Job Applications were due today, some still have them at home be sure they are turned in tomorrow.

* Today students brought home an envelope to purchase roses for the French Club.

* Mrs. Rosenthal is heading up the party scheduled for 3:00, below is the address for sign-up genius to volunteer or bring something in!/showSignUp/20F0A4BA8A72BA2F49-valentines


Cursive - we have finished up cursive and will continue to practice writing in cursive.  Everyone should be using cursive by February 14th.


Math - this unit is on measurement and converting units of measure.  Have your child help measure liquids etc... 

Social Studies begins on Wednesday!  This unit is on government.  

Ask your child about the movie Ruby Bridges we are watching in class.

FYI - tonights homework is to study spelling and science.  We reviewed both subjects today in class and we talked about what studying should look like at home.  For spelling they can use spelling city, have someone give them a practice test on spelling and for science they should reread the review sheet, have someone quiz them on vocab and look over the science book and review project they made in class.

** I need one parent to volunteer to work with one parent from other classrooms to set up our end of the year luncheon**

** To indicate you have read this please write what you would like for Valentine's Day***


Have a great week!

Mrs. Shea





January 15, 2018

Happy New Year!!


Dates to Remember

January 31st - Radishes must be planted by this date

February 9th - Wax Museum @ 9:30

February 14th - Valentine Post Office

Febraury 16th - Peramathon

February 19th - No School/President's Day


Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, they day got a little (okay more then a little) hectic and I am unclear on where some gifts came from. Thank you notes will be forthcoming, but please know I am grateful for ALL you do for me!


Radishes - this part of the Pine View tradition.  ALL third graders enter the county fair/Four H radish growing contest.  I will send home seeds this week.  The instructions are attached to the seeds.  The seeds are due on March 4th (I think, I will get back to you) . This is a mandatory project and counts as a science grade.


Wax Museum - Each student will choose a character of interest to do a written report.  Students will be expected to take the AR test for a grade AFTER their speech is written.  In addition, on February 9 @ 9:30 students will come dressed in character and have a written speech (mostly memorized) to perform for parents.  You are invited to attend.  Please bring coins (of any amount) to make the characters come to life.  There will be three classrooms performing. ALL proceeds go to our end of the year field trip.  All work will be done at school with the exception of costumes and parents may need to help tweak their speeches.


Cursive - we will be finishing up cursive this week and my expectations are that by Valentine's Day students will be writing in cursive full time!


Timed Math - I am going to stick with 4 minutes this quarter and start with addition this week.


Valentine's Day Post Office - Mrs. Simon in fourth grade runs this amazing elementary project.  All students will be asked to apply for a job. On VD students will be totally in charge of the PV post office.  You will receive important instructions on how to address your valentines, please be sure you read them.


Valentine's Day - Mrs. Rosenthal has graciously volunteered to plan our party.  The party will begin at 3:00.


2018- In class students wrote two resolutions, please ask them what their plan is!


Math - Fractions!  Students will need to be able to add, find common denominators, and make equivalent fractions.  We will test next week!

Fun Friday Activity - I have a cake pop machine (of course I do), students will be divided into teams and will be given a recipe that they will have to half! We will then make cake pops! If you are availble Friday at 3 feel free to join us.


Social Studies - Governent will begin after Science. 


Language Arts - This unit covers adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions! We just completed a unit called the The History of Teeth, students leaned about the different levels of questioning. Worksheet will come home today.  This was an exciting challenge when students were charged with creating their own sentences based on Costa's Levels of Critical Thinking. Most did very well, Mrs. Rini was in to observe the lesson.


14 AR points are due by the end of the quarter!


*** To indicate you have read this please write the name of someone from the past you would like to know more about.***


Have a great week!

Mrs. Shea














Holiday Party

We held a class meeting and this is what we came up with for "our" holiday party.  

For Crafts we are going to make candy cane reindeer, stars of David, and snowflakes.

For Games - everyone in class is going to make an ornament and as a class we are going to paint a palm tree and play pin the ornament on the tree

Food - Dr. Cardonna is buying us pizza and I am bringing in punch. 

Gifts - each student drew a name (that must remain secret) and is to purchase a $5-10 gift.  Send the gift in wrapped on Thursday that says who it is to but NOT who it is from.

Movie:  To be determined


Needs:         Candy Canes    

                 Large Cookies to decorate

                 Ice Cream

                 Plates, Cups and Napkins

                 Small Bottles of water


We are finishing up I Ready diagnostics and I will get you the results in January.

Language Arts Test next Tuesday (12/19)

Science Test Monday (12/18)

Social Studies Test Monday (we will study in class, this is a no worry test) they did bring home a vocab sheet to study today.


December 3, 2017

20th - 13 AR Points are due

20th - Bizarre Bazaar

21st - Holiday Luncheon/Party

22nd - Teacher Work Day/No School

Congratulations Anton for getting 100 AR points and a coveted silver chair cover!

Does anyone want to plan our holiday party?

Holiday Luncheon - We will be purchasing chicken fingers and each class is responsible for bringing something.  My class is in charge of vegetables.  


Reading - We just finished reading the amazing story of Christian the Lion (ask your child about it). Monday/Tuesday we will work on finding text evidence to support an answer, reread the story independantly and take a quiz. Following completetion of Christian the Lion we will read The Curse of Winter. The Curse of Winter is a Greek myth and the focus skill will be identifying the elements of plot.


Math- Most likely there will be a math test on Friday.  Students may use ANY division method that works for them.  This week we will use some manipulatives to work through some divistion problems.  Wednesday night's homework will be to create and teach a method of division for their table.  Each table will choose a winner!


Social Studies - Economics!  We begin the study of economics this week as we prepare for the Bizaare Bazaar on December 21st. Our classroom will turn into a student run business.  Each student will apply for a job in our company.  I am asking for a $2 investment into our company (I am their capital resource) and I have explained the risk of an investment and why we need my capital. Our product in called an Illumination Creation  and will be sold at the bazaar.  All profits go to a charity chosen by the class.


Science - students are studying plants with Mrs. Bradly.


To indicate you have read this, please write the name of your favorite holiday confection in your child's agenda.







6th - Field trip to Van Wezel  (disposable bag lunch)

15th -16th - Antarctica Animal Presentations (students may bring winter wear)

16th - Parents are invited at 3:00 to hear your child's presentation

Thank you for a wonderful fall party!

Thanksgiving Feast - ? Do we want to have one or will that add to your holiday stress? 

Math - Chapter 3 test will be on Thursday. The practice test online is now available.  Students may use whatever multiplication method best works for them. 4 minute time tests are on Thursdays, we finish up multiplication this week.  Students may ask for additional timed tests if they are not satisfied with their score.

Language Arts - Chapter 3 is on verbs. When assigned a writing piece (like their Antarctica animal report) students will be held responsible for using the grammar skills and spelling words we have learned correctly.

Reading - We are returning to Storyworks, reading a non-fiction story with a lexile of 820.  The focus will be cause & effect, main idea, and critical thinking.


Spelling - Next test is on November 14th.  Be sure to use Spelling City for practice.  


*********Write in your child's agenda what your favorite Thanksgiving food is......**************


Have a great week!

Mrs. Shea








16th - Professional Day/No School

19th - Crystal Springs Field Trip/Must have notarized permission slip turned in & don't forget to wear water shoes! Bring a bag (disposable) lunch and be at school in my room by 8:30.

25th - FST Field Trip/Bag Lunch

26th -27th - Elementary Pictures/Group Pictures (more info coming)

31st - Fall Parade at 9:30 (come dressed as a homonymn or compound word)


6th - Field trip to Van Wezel  (disposable bag lunch)

15th -16th - Antarctica Animal Presentations

16th - Parents are invited at 3:00 to hear your child's presentation


Thank you Mrs. Feraco and Mrs. Anderson for helping build our Antarctica animals. Also, thanks to Mrs. Kim for volunteering to plan our Fall Party on October 31st @ 3:00.

Fall Parade - students should come to school in costume because the fall parade begins at 9:30. Students should come dressed as a compound word or homonym (we will look at some ideas in class).

AR - Start reading now! Students must choose from books that are a 3.5 reading level or higher.

Math - Math tests will come home Monday. I went over each question and had students highlight the important words. I am not thrilled with the results.... We begin Chapter three on Tuesday on double digit multiplication. The text presents several methods, students may choose whatever method works best for them on the test. Timed tests will be 4 minutes this quarter. We are going to start on multiplication for timed tests.

Language Arts - Chapter 2 is nouns -singular, plural, singular possessive and plural possessive. Expect this to be carried over to their writing.  Spelling counts!   The following is a fun game to play to practice in addition to the Sadlier Website......  (start with the easy version, trust me...)

Reading - For the next couple of weeks we will be reading skill based stories from a series called Chills and Thrills.

           This week will be main idea and cause & effect.

Social Studies - We will be turning our classroom into Antarctica! Students will be researching animals, landforms, the climate and explorers of Antarctica. All work will be done in class.  

Spelling - A new list will come home on Wednesday. The test will be on October 31st.


***** To indicate you have read this write your favorite Halloween costume in your child's agenda.********


Have a great week!

Mrs. Shea









October 1, 2017

6th - School Spirit Day - Come dressed from the 50's!

7th -  Pine View Fair

12th - 12 AR Points Due

13th - AR Movie/End of Quarter

16th - Professional Day/No School

19th - Crystal Springs Field Trip/Must have notarized permission slip turned in & don't forget to wear water shoes!

25th - FST Field Trip/Bag Lunch

26th -27th - Elementary Pictures/Group Pictures (more info coming)

31st - Fall Parade at 9:30 (come dressed as a homonymn or compound word)

*** I need a volunteer to plan the fall party on October 31st @ 3:00****


Testing this week:

Tuesday - Spelling Test

Wednesday - Grammar Test (review will come home Monday) You can also access the text practice games through my website activites' page.

Thursday - Midwest Region Test/Scrapbook will be finished in class on Thursday.

********** Please note we will practice, review, and practice some more in class. ************


AR points will be written in the agenda book on Tuesday. 12 points are required before October 12th.  

MATH - we will continue working on chapter 2 and learning how estimating can help tell if an answer in reasonable, 1 digit by 3 digit multiplication  and drawing arrays or picture to illustrate an equation.  We start timed multiplication this week. Students are free to ask me to give them additional timed tests if they are not happy with their scores. I am encouraging them to take charge of their education!

LANGUAGE ARTS -  Test on Wednesday (see above). Chapter 2 covers nouns! Possessive, Proper, Plural..... In writing, I will expect proper usage of nouns!

READING - We will finish up Love, Ruby Lavender on Monday. Students will have a review then take the AR test for comprehension.  Next we will start reading from Storyworks magazine.  Student's will record the lexile of each story, genre and make an inference before we read a new piece of literature.

SOCIAL STUDIES - After we are done with the Midwest we will take a 2 week Social Studies hiatus. 

SCIENCE - Students have started science with Mrs. Bradly.  If they are absent it is their responsibility to check with Mrs. Bradly to see what they have missed.

QUARTERLY PROJECT - Antarctica! Our classroom will turn in Antarctica... students will create 3 dimesional creatures in teams of 2 , write a short research paper and prepare a short presentation .  All work will be done in class.  This Friday students will be assigned an animal for their project, a will plan what supplies they will need to create their project. They can bring in supplies next week, then on Friday, October 13th @3:00 we will make the base. Any parent who would like to join us is welcome.... (Examples of supplies would be milk jugs, two liter bottles, paper towel rolls etc...)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK - great job Clover! She chose Picasso's "If you can imagine it, you can do it."  Ariana volunteered for this week. I will let you know the week before if your child volunteers or is assigned.

I continue to urge my little muffins to take charge of their educations... I was very proud of Clover,  who found a mistake I made in grading and SHE came in and explained my error. 

***  To indicate you have read this, please write your third grade teacher's name in his/her agenda book:)*******



Mrs. Shea








September 17, 2017


I hope everyone's lives are getting back to normal.  We will NOT be racing to catch up with what was missed last week, instead we are going to just move ahead as we normally would......

Math - on Monday we will sit in a group and work together on a practice test.  I know many of you were out of town or had no electricity so I extended the amount of time you could take the practice test online.  The chapter 1 math test will be on Tuesday.  There will be no homework on Monday 9/17 other then study for Math (and Spelling). Remember to study subtraction facts for timed tests on Thursday.  All scores are written in the front of your child's agenda book.  I take the highest of the three scores for each operation (addition, subtraction & multiplication) and count it as a quiz grade.

Spelling- On Tuesday we will take the spelling test.  Students can practice on Spelling City (online) and we will review in class on Monday.  Wednesday a brand new list will come home with the test date on it.  

Language Arts - we will continue to work on subjects & predicates, sentences  &  sentence  fragments and building complex sentences.and will most likely have a test Friday or early next week.  Students will receive a review in class and will take home a practice test.  Don't forget you can go online to  and the go to the free family resources.

Reading - Love, Ruby Lavender will be completed early next week.  Students will be expected to take the AR test IN CLASS and will count as a comprehension grade. We are focusing on vocabulary, cause & effect and writing a responses using text evidence.  Student's reading  Lexiles have been sent to you via email and recorded in their reading logs so that they can take ownership of their work.

Class DoJo - In addition to behavior I am using class DoJo for academic rewards (Perfect Prime Time & Wonderful Wonderopolis) and missing homework. I will also occasionally send out reminders to parents.  Today, because our schedule has been IRMArupted I am sending individual reminders to each of you about signed papers that may be missing. Don't forget to send in your yearbook money if you wish to purchase it.


Inspirational/ Growth Mindset Quotes - Students will be assigned a week to bring in a quote (this can be a family thing) to display on the board and students will write about what they think it means or how it inspires them. On Friday, the assigned student will lead a discussion about the quote. This week to start us off the quote will be "Take Charge it's YOUR education."  Mrs. Shea

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is my favorite quote, I liked it so much I had it painted on my mudroom wall at home.





Individual Photos have been rescheduled... I will let you know when (I think this week)


12th - 12 AR Points Due/Group Photos

13th - AR Movie/End of Quarter

14th - Pine View Fair  OOOps moved to October 7th

16th - Professional Day/No School

18th - Picture Retakes

19th - Crystal Springs Field Trip/Must have notarized permission slip turned in


CONGRATULATIONS TO LILIANA - She has 100 AR points and a beautiful gold chair cover!

** To indicate you have read this please write something you are proud of about your child in their agenda book.***


Have a great week! 

Mrs. Shea


Together Everyone Accomplishes More






                 Homework shouldn't take more then 30 minutes/ at 40 minutes there is a kill switch.  Jot me a note and tell me 

                  the problem. Sometimes it is difficult to gage how long an assignment may take.