Course Curriculum

Unit 1: 

English 10 Review. Figurative language class activity. 

Class activity-irony or just plain sarcasm?

Introduction to current events. 


Unit 2: Credible research. Looking at what is good research and what is terrible research. Your argument is not credible without credible sources.

The art of debating. Lesson on formal debate format and procedure. 

Debate day! Which is better? pancakes or waffles?

Chuck Palahniuk bio. Introduction to Fight Club. Pre-read questions/discussion


Unit 3: 

Unreliable narrator. Is the narrator in Fight Club reliable? Why or why not? How does this factor change the story?

Tyler Durden sees god as he sees his father. How does he view god? How does the narrator view god in relation to his father? What does this mean for each character?

Current events next step- is your current event from a credible source? How can you tell?