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Welcome to English 11!

We're reading some great books, writing some amazing essays, and discussing the complexities of literature this year! Discussing literature alone is just no fun. I'm happy to have everyone on board. To students and family alike, thank you for checking this website for extra information and updates. 

Link to Google Classroom:

This will contain all assignments. This includes homework as well as in-class discussions and activities. 


English 11 assignment breakdown

4 essays: 2 research based, 2 book related thesis papers 

2 exams: Mid-term and final

2 group presentations: with research and literary analysis

Weekly book club: This will occur every Friday. For the Friday fun, we will discuss the reading we completed as a class. This will be a free discussion. Questions will be asked ahead of time in preparation but students may answer in any order and with any thoughts that pop into their heads. 

3 creative writing pieces: 1 poem, 1 short story, 1 creative nonfiction piece. This will include 3 in-class group writing workshops (one per piece). 

Question Packet and reading log: For each book

The calendar can be found on Google Classroom. 

Other resources: 

MLA Citation Guide: Students will use this for all research.


Writing Prompts: This is for fun. Try them at any time.