Homework: All assignments should be turned in on time and be of sound quality. Missed assignments will receive no grade, but can be made up before progress reports. 

Respect for others: This class has a large discussion portion. Students will be enriching their peers with their thoughts and feelings about the focus books. Therefore, respect in my classroom is a requirement. All opinions are valid and should be treated as such. Students should treat their peers with the common courtesy and manners that they wish to be treated with themselves. 

Language: I have no qualms against vulgar language use in relation to literature! Junior English students are mature enough to absorb and reflect on swear words, mature content etc., and the literature we read will contain mature content and language for this reason.  Students may swear in discussion groups when they are quoting a piece. Howeverany poor language use that is unrelated to direct quotes and references will result in reprimand for the student. 

Respect/language continued...: We will be discussing many social topics in this class both current and during setting of stories. There will be NO instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, or prejudices of any kind. What does this mean? Language use outside of the literature related to any prejudices will result in direct office referral. 

Participation: All students should participate in discussions and assignments. Don't be afraid to state your thoughts! New ideas arise on a regular basis when people see different aspects of the same subject.