We are currently studying Patriotism! Over the next few weeks, we will learn all about being an American and what it means to be patriotic. Our curriculum is integrated, which means that we study one topic in all areas of academics. I have included some things that we will be studying in this unit!


Social Studies                                     Math

-Declaration of Independence                     -United States Time Zones

-American Flag                                             -American Currency

-Citizenship- Let’s Vote!                             -Patriotic Math Squares

-Ellis Island Interactive Tour                        -Estimating American Landmarks

-The 50 States                                             -Earth Day Word Problems

Science                                                           Art

-George Washington’s Teeth: Sink or float?              -Fireworks Art

-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                                           -Create A Flag

-Earth Day                                                                 -Colonial Times Class Scrapbook

-Climate                                                                    -Create A Campaign Poster

-Fireworks Science                                                   -Make A Map

Reading                                                      Writing

-A is for America: An American Alphabet                   -What it Means to be an American

By: Devin Scillian                                                        -Freedom Acrostic Poem

-One Nation: America By the Numbers                       -I am proud to be an American because…

By: Devin Scillian                                                        -If I were President, I would…

-We the Kids                                                              -Dear American Soldier…

By: David Catrow

-The Flag We Love

By: Pam Munoz Ryan


By: Jonah Winter

-So You Want to be President

By: Judith St. George