Musical Poetry Project

Musical Poetry Project


Lesson  1

Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson   4Lesson 5Lesson 6Lesson 7Lesson 8Lesson 9Lesson 10

FigLang Review


Model TP.FASTT: “Mother to Son” 

Practice TP.FASTT

Intro MPP

Model MPP: “Wind Cries Mary”

HW: Bring in two lyrics

Partner Brainstorm


Pair Share

Critical Questions

Rough DraftPeer EditFinal EssayPresentPresent

Unit Plan

Unit Overview

Unit Plan TitleMusical Poetry Project
Curriculum-Framing Questions
 Essential Question

What is the purpose of poetic devices in music? 

Compare and contrast lyrics as a poem with lyrics as a song.

Unit Summary
The Musical Poetry project is intended to stimulate students’ interest and creativity, to develop their critical thinking skills, and allow them the freedom to explore something that they encounter every day.  During this 10 day lesson, students will be listening to popular music to analyze their lyrics for meaning, figurative language, attitude, shifts, and themes.  Students will choose a song to analyze in a final essay and present to the class.
Subject Area(s):
Language Arts, 7 Academic
Grade Level
Approximate Time Needed

10-11 90 minute classes.

Prerequisite Skills
At least a 7th grade level language and reading comprehension.  Ability to write on a 7th grade level.
Materials and Resources Required For Unit
Printed Materials

Song Lyrics
Literature Textbook

SuppliesPencil, Paper
Art Supplies, Poster Board
Technology ResourcesWord Processor
Promethean Board, ActivStudio
AV Cable
CDs, iPods, mp3 Files, etc.


Unit Goals and Assessments

GoalsLearning TargetStandardsAssessment
To effectively communicate with peers.·   TSW use language and style appropriate to peers.7.1a

·  Partner Brainstorm
·  Pair Share
·  Discussions
·  Presentation

·   TSW orally communicate ideas in an organized and succinct manner.7.1bFormative
·  Partner Brainstorm
·  Pair Share
·  Discussions
·  Presentation
To employ reading strategies for comprehending poetry.·   TSW identify and analyze figurative language.7.5cFormative
·  TP.FASTT charts
·  Final Essay
·   TSW summarize fictional text.7.5gFormative
·  TP.FASTT charts
Final Essay
To write an analytical/expository essay.·   TSW apply knowledge of prewriting strategies.7.8aFormative
·  Practice TP.FASTT
·   TP.FASTT Chart for lyrics
·   TSW elaborate ideas in an organized manner.7.8bFormative
·  Rough Draft
·  Final Essay
·   TSW revise writing for clarity and effect.7.8eFormative
·  Peer Edit
·  Final Essay